DTS Plumbing Inglewood always go extra mile to provide you with sewer camera Inspection mounted inside your pipes in order to defect any hidden faults and problems hiding inside pipes. Most times you notice that when your pipe is faulty and after getting some repairs, the same faults seems to develop again. It's not as if the repairer didn't do a good job. The truth is that the major fault is hidden and cannot be detected with the ordinary human eye.
DTS Plumbing Inglewood provide this technological service carried out by our team of trained technicians reveals faults concerned with pipes that are under ground, encased in concrete, behind walls and beneath your home's perfectly can be detected through signals sent on HDTV monitor that connected to the sewer Camera

Prevent Damage Before They Arrive

You want to buy a house? You do not want to have sewer backup problems.


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Whether it's checking your pipes, drains, sewer & piping, the drainage system of your land, count on us. Our expertise in the matter allows us to diagnose a problem before it is very apparent
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You noticed an evacuation problem, you have irregularities in water flow. You have water that rises to the surface instead of flowing normal. You need not to worry.

We have the tools to inspect perfectly
There may be a lot of problems with time, wear, or the accumulation of waste in the pipes, so it's important to check as soon as you see a difference, the water will not run out, you will see visible moisture on the walls of the basement. Maybe your drains is no longer working and its blocked by roots.

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Locate The Problem

You have blocked pipes, and have tried everything?
You do not know where they obstruction is in the pipes. No matter where it is..

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Our Service Details

DTS Plumbing Inglewood Sewer Camera Inspections can help detect problems like:
– Root intrusion
– Punctured pipes
– Corrosion in pipes
– Misaligned pipe sections
– Grease build-up

We also offer you additional free service of a following sewer camera inspection which will be conducted after service, to verify that the pipeline has been properly cleaned or repaired