Your water pressure is low?
You may be experiencing an uncovered water leak which we can solve with leak detection.

DTS Plumbing Inglewood has a solid know-how in research and non-destructive leak detection. These water leaks, sometimes invisible for long months, can cause significant water damage.

In order to limit repair costs, your insurer can take care of this service.


Today, with the evolution of sanitary and heating installations (heated floors, geothermal energy, etcetra.), water leaks are more and more complex to detect.

DTS Plumbing Inglewood offers a specialized service in non-destructive leak detection. This service consists in locating the origin of the leak, without damaging the walls, the grounds and the garden.
Our leak detection service also combines speed and efficiency.
Discover the assets:

Leakage analysis adapted to all configurations. Whether the leak is located in a heating pipe, in the sanitary water circuit, in a landfill or a downpipe, our detection techniques offer a diagnosis without destructive research.

Speed and flexibility. We guarantee fast response times to avoid any additional inconvenience. Our modern and powerful equipment ensures a precise work, realized in the rules of the art.

Adapted and fair prices. In addition, we offer competitive rates and tailor-made solutions. Our experience and skills allow us to meet the requirements of insurance companies, building trustees, contractors, installers or individuals.


We work on indoor and outdoor networks, recessed or underground (pipeline tracing), sanitary and heating supply lines, evacuation pipes, terraces and facades (leakproofness control of bituminous membranes and PVC) and pool networks.


DTS Plumbing Inglewood deploys all its expertise and latest generation technologies to detect and repair leak for you in all circumstances


Our response team do not just detect leaks and fixes them. We also carry out necessary repairs to prevent the spread of damage caused by leaks.

In addition, after the step of detection and repair of the causes of the disaster, we are at your service for the rehabilitation of your property. We intervene on the consequences of water damage. This set of services can be faster and more efficient, but also avoid multiple trips and unnecessary extra costs.

DTS Plumbing Inglewood specializes in repair work after disasters, and intervenes effectively in many situations: water damage, fire, water leakage, broken glass, forced door. Because DTS Plumbing Inglewood is a specialist in disaster recovery, flooding, and many insurers have given us their trust. So by choosing DTS Plumbing you are guaranteed a reliable, and recognized service provider.


Intervention of a technician under 24 hours and during the day in case of emergency
Sending a detailed report for each leak search

Affordable repair quotes

Rehabilitation of the premises


DTS Plumbing Inglewood has the most innovative techniques for leak detection and repair:

  • The Sound
  • The Mapping
  • The camera for draining
  • The endoscopy;
  • Moisture
  • UV lamps
  • Electro acoustic listening
  • Thermo graphic cameras
  • Endoscopic camera
  • Tracer gas

Want to know more about DTS Plumbing Inglewood? Need emergency leak detection or repair?

For more information or for an intervention, do not hesitate to contact our services by phone (323)438-1513plumbersinglewood.com or Inglewood, CA. We will not fail to process your request as soon as possible.