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What are the things that you expect from a good plumbing service company? It is usually reliable service, emergency help, low cost and expert team work, right? These are exactly the things that DTS Plumbing Inglewood promises to bring to you. Here, you get the best plumbing service at the lowest rates and you can safely trust us for years to come. We have a 90% success record in repairing all kinds of domestic as well as commercial plumbing problems. Apart from offering a range of services to choose from we take care to prioritize your satisfaction and leave no space for any complaints by our best efforts always. No wonder testimonials from real people have compliments showered on our expert plumbers for correct identification and repairing services in the quickest time possible. We have a record of reaching you within an hour to attend to your issue at the earliest.


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Why do people recommend us?

DTS Plumbing Inglewood started in 1982 as a local plumber. From there we have reached the pinnacle of success where people highly recommend our services to others. Some of the reasons why people are left happy whenever they call us for help are:-

With DTS Plumbing Inglewood, help is just awaiting you at the other side of a call. Get emergency help all day and night without paying anything extra at all.