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Call plumbers anytime- Get our Emergency Service

Plumbing issues never turn up at some convenient moment of a day. They may occur at midnight or on Sunday to ruin your pleasure of a holiday. What would you do when you dial a number of a plumbing company and no one receives your call? At DTS Plumbing Inglewood, we know this annoying situation of the homeowners. We are a team of plumbers, helping you with emergency plumbing solutions. At any time, you may recall the name of our company. We are available for you throughout a week. We never leave our clients frustrated.

Most of the issues to the plumbing setups are very easy to repair, while others may be costly. However, all these complications cause distress to you. In many instances, we have found that the plumbing faults result in the overflow of water in the room or in basement.

Get our service all twenty-four hours

While you inform us of these disasters, our plumbers rush to the spot for emergency plumbing services. Our 24 hours service remove all your worries, and we will restore the safe condition of your plumbing units.

Since we are known as emergency plumbers, we give high importance to the time. We value time for the improvement of our business and results of our effort. With all the essential tools, we reach the site to repair or replace the damaged plumbing parts.

Emergency service within your budget

Never think of the charge for hiring our emergency plumbers. Most of the homeowners have a misconception that the plumbers could charge high for their emergency service. However, we do not take an additional for serving our clients with urgent plumbing services.

We believe that it is our responsibility to offer you the plumbing services to meet your needs. Our team never wastes a minute after getting the call from your side. We dispatch our plumbers to your commercial or residential house.

Plumbing emergency circumstances are of various types, and we have talked about a few of them.

Leakage of pipes

Major leakage issue results in serious situations, and it may damage your carpet, furnishings, and various other parts of your house. You can try to block the source of water for temporary solution. However, our professional assistance is essential for repairing the leakage to bring back the normal state.

Our fastest response helps us to detect the leakage. We may replace or repair the piping without affecting other units.

Water heater not working

Our emergency plumbers’ team knows your discomfort while you do not get hot water from your heater. Within a short time, we assess the technical details of the heater and repair the unit by using our skills. You will be able to use the hot water for your everyday activity. Whether your heater has broken part or malfunctioning element, we find out the best solution.

Our emergency plumbers are also ready to deal with following problem-

  • Blocked and dirty kitchen sink
  • Overflowing and leaky toilets
  • Clogged drain of your bathroom and kitchen
  • Sewer line issues
  • Frozen water pipes
  • Burst hoses of washing machine
  • Slab leak repair
  • Installation for back flow preventer and flood protection unit

Thus, get in touch with our emergency plumbers to get the fastest service from us. Our technicians will keep you away from the unpleasant plumbing issues. Have our emergency service at a reasonable rate.