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Residential Plumbing Services

DTS Plumbing Inglewood is concerned about your apartments and home. From 1982 till this day our company has a 94 percent success rate in residential and domestic plumbing. To discover more regarding residential service call us! Your #1 local plumber Inglewood.

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Commercial Plumbing Srvices

DTS Plumbing Inglewood full filling the business plumbing needs with skills. Get more knowledge about business plumbing need and their answers by emailing us.

main valve with backflow

Backflow, Repair & Replacement

It stops the dirty water to get back and mix with clean water. Backflow preventer thus needs EXCELLENT maintenance and repair. DTS Plumbing Inglewood has a certificate of no 1 backflow preventer installer in Inglewood, CA.

Licensed & Fast Response Plumbing Services Inglewood

Signed recipient

Our company, DTS Plumbing Inglewood provide you a signed receipt or digital bill. It’s our company policy to generate recipient before starting the plumbing work. Come to us for cheap plumbing.

Free repairing

DTS Plumbing Inglewood do free repairing of new installations. If our team select and install a water heater, water softener or filter, you will get free of cost repairing for 3 months.

Ethics code

Whatever the conditions DTS Plumbing Inglewood follow their ethics code.

Well Dressed plumbers

When you opt for plumbing services from DTS Plumbing Inglewood than make sure the plumbers who visit you, have our company badge on their color and are fully dressed. Also, check the plumbing practice license.

Why Choose Us!

DTS Plumbing Inglewood was established in 1982 as a local plumber. We get our self-registered as licensed plumbers in 1985. From 1985 onwards we started working as a complete plumbing unit who deals with all plumbing crises. DTS Plumbing Inglewood plumbers are more than a regular domestic and commercial plumber.

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Frequent Ask Questions

The main reason for clogging is putting all thing in your drain like hairs, soap chip, etc.
When the internal mechanism of the faucet is faulty, it causes dripping.
Yes, it is a must. It leads to wastage of clean water.
Always call DTS Plumbing Inglewood for this purpose
Call DTS Plumbing Inglewood it will treat the problem and diagnose the main reason for clogging. It might be due to blockage in the drain pipe, faulty motor, and an electronic problem.


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