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The reason of piping fails

  • Galvanized is the primery reason of pipe failure. Galvanization causes the corrosion of pipe which weakens the pipe thus it breaks.
  • The acid in water damages the copper pipe and copper pipes are more prone to freezing.
  • Polybutylene pipes also get dame by the chlorine in the water. Pipe of this material was famous because they are inexpensive and best alternative to copper piping.

DTS Plumbing Inglewood use Pex piping. Call DTS Plumbing Inglewood we will use pipe material according to the requirement.

Toilet repair

Need to know

  • When there is silence in a room, you hear a strange noise of running water. It is a sound of the running toilet. It can be fixed easily by replacing the valve assembly of flash.
  • Toilet sweat: is it sounds disgusting? In real it is condensation on the tank of the toilet. It can also fix by repairing valve assembly.
  • Clogged toilet: putting a hard object in the toilet, it will not go down and stuck. Our plumbers utilize a toilet auger to solve this problem. Keep an eye on your kids or do not put a hard object in its toilet.

Keeping the above mention point in mind will increase the lifespan of the toilet.

Others fact!

  • Avoid cleaning of drain using a chemical.
  • Pressure should be between 40-80 psi in a water pipe. Call DTS Plumbing Inglewood to install house bib gauge. The pressures is above or low hire our plumbers.
  • You should know where the water shut-off valve is. In case of water leakage, you can shut it off and save water and money both.
  • Never use pipe for hanging cloth of other stuff, it will lose the pipe joints.


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